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Mayor’s welcome message


Dear Visitor,


I would like to warmly welcome you to our website which is introducing the rehabilitation of Nagykőrös Town’s Cifra Garden, implemented with the support of the EGT Grants.

An old dream of the citizens comes to life with the refurbishment, since a modern public space will be established and can be occupied by the local residents in a way which fully meets the demands of the modern time.

The project, waiting for implementation, consists several parts: the renovation of the Swiss House, the Music Pavilion and the outdoor stage, as well as the establishment of a playground and a sports field.

We would like to renovate the Cifra Garden in a way that preserves its former glory and at the same time expands it with new, modern functions which are important and necessary for the residents of the town.

The visit of the park will continue to be free and available for everyone. The renewed public space will be also a worthy location for local events.

We wish you a pleasant stay and browsing in the website, where you can follow the current phase of the project.

We hope that we can serve the town’s inhabitants, while creating a real value for them.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Szabolcs Czira




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 „Function improving rehabilitation of the Cifra Garden and the Swiss House”

Code number: HU07-0067-A2-2013

Project Summary


The traditions of the Cifra Garden run back over 150 years from now. The garden has been serving the city residents since the 1800’s, providing cultivated entertainment opportunities. Besides the green scenery, following the contemporary demands, the park used to have a public bath house, outdoor theater and stage, KRESZ park and sport fields as well.

However, the time treated harshly the garden’s assets whether they were natural treasures or made by human. The state of the Cifra Garden and its buildings has been deteriorating significantly. Because new function serving demands had been emerged, the refurbishment of the illustrious green area became a crucial issue.

The Local Government of Nagykőrös has realized that considering the area’s cultural and historical importance, today’s public demands as well as the local government’s comprehensive program, it is expedient to take measures with the help of grant in order to make short- and long-term development goals, furthermore to implement the utilization and complex maintenance of the full area of the Cifra Garden.

In the framework of EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Iceland and the Principality of Liechtenstein contribute to the implementing of Cultural and natural heritage preservation and renovation program as donor countries. The local government as project developer has successfully submitted its application and has received non-repayable grant based on the decision made by the Program Operator (Prime Minister’s Office, State Secretariat for Cultural Heritage) on the 28th of April, 2016, in order to implement the project of „Function improving rehabilitation of the Cifra Garden and the Swiss House” - Code number: HU07-0067-A2-2013.

In this way the park’s overall and sustainable refurbishment can take place, moreover the renovation of two buildings which are under local protection (the Swiss house and the Music Pavilion). Furthermore the buildings can be utilized for cultural and public purposes and can be expanded with functions which are suitable for today’s requirements.

The rehabilitation’s action areas are the following:


Planned reception and market area


Extant building base and its surroundings as a planned playground and roller hockey field


Refurbishment of extant auditorium and projector building

Lastly, the project in numbers:


Grant: 94.036.342 HUF


Local Government’s financial contribution: 133.711.865 HUF



Total cost of the construction: 227.748.207 HUF


Cifra Garden gets renovation with the help of Norway Grants


On the 18th of May, 2016, on its extra meeting the Town Council of Local Government of Nagykőrös gave its support to the application which focuses on the rehabilitation of Cifra Garden, as well as decided to provide an increased financial contribution which was necessary beyond the Norway Grant’s aid.


The town received 94.036.342 HUF non-repayable grant. Considering the fact that the region of Central Hungary struggles with the issue of insufficient development funding, the nearly 100 million HUF provided by the Norway Grants merits particular attention. The financial support provides an opportunity to make a significant cultural and infrastructural improvement that matches with the activity of urban development.


In order to carry out the project with an amount of 225.966.124 HUF total cost and keep the original technical content, 131.929.782 HUF financial contribution should have been provided. This was the matter which needed the council’s decision.


The submitted proposition precisely contains the antecedents. Based on the no. 28/2014. (III.27.) decision of the Town Council, the Local Government of Nagykőrös submitted its application titled „Function improving rehabilitation of the Cifra Garden and the Swiss House” to the International Development and Fund Coordination Agency (NFFKÜ Zrt.) in May, 2014.


In order to implement the landscaping of the Cifra Garden, as well as to be able to perform a complex renovation on the Swiss House and the Music Pavilion which buildings are under local protection, the application was submitted to a call for proposal which focused on the protection of natural and built heritage in cities and rural areas, called „Preservation of rural cultural and natural heritage” within the framework of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 - Cultural and natural heritage preservation and renovation program.


According to the notification given by the NFFKÜ Zrt. on the 6th of May, 2016, the application received financial support.


 Arany Days in the Cifra Garden

On the 10th of September, 2016, the Arany Days of Nagykőrös began with a time-honored procession in terms of traditions from the 19th century.

At the Cifra Garden Dr. Szabolcs Czira mayor, the main patron of the event welcomed the public. After that, the audience could watch the performance of the Brass Band and Majorette Group of Cegléd and the Traditional Firefighter Association of Pomáz.

The day was filled with several programs: firstly the Zanzibar band, then the Kállay Saunders Band gave a live concert, while at the Small Stage the Fésűs Trió was responsible for the amazing mood within „Cifra Party”.

Accompanying programs such as sightseeing train, carriages, book market, the Literature Café of János Arany, the stand of the Recruiting Office of the Hungarian Defense Forces Augmentation and Central Registry Command, opportunity to try out various weapons and uniforms, the stand of Hungarian Post, wood carving, funfair, pony-riding, and so on were also really popular among the visitors.


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Sister cities in the Arany Days



In honor of the 25th jubilee of being sister cities, the choirs of János Arany Calvinist High School of Nagykőrös and the Birger-Forell Evangelic School gave a joint performance during the Arany Days of Nagykőrös in the Cifra Garden on the 10th of September, 2016. Péter Ecsedi, artist of singing also contributed to the performance. Further information can be found on the pages of Önkormányzati Hírek.

The choirs were followed by the Gyöngyvirág Folk Dance Group and the catholic CUM IUBILO choir from Reghin, as well as the Kaláris Art School’s folk dance performance from Kétegyháza.



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On the second day of Arany Days, among other programs, a cooking competition was hold, and the visitors could watch the performance of the Primavera Dance Group form Visegrád. Furthermore Franz Koffer magician also presented his interesting magician show, which was followed by the Saint George Knighthood’s medieval combat exhibition.



Attila Dolhai, who quickly won the audience’s heart, gave an amazing concert on the Big Stage. Five people received the Nagykőrösiek Nagykőrösért (Locals for Nagykőrös) Prize from the head of the Board of trustees, Géza Bencsik and other members of the board. Several programs were available late in the afternoon as well, and at the evening, the Karthago band also arrived.


 This is how the playground will look when it will be finished 


According to István Varga, the technical designer of the playground: the leadership of Nagykőrös would like to establish a new and modern playground for the garden’s visitors behind the outdoor stage, in a former place of a building which burnt down. The conception plan, which was made with the consideration of the procurer’s demands, makes use of the former building’s foundation as an asphalt-covered sport field, furthermore, on the splay side a modern, fall-protective rubber covered playground will be developed. The playground consists three sections: a sports field which is separated from the flower patterned playground with a rubber-covered striking wall, while the third section, that is located after the playground, is a spaceship-themed park for older children.



The „Green Heart” of Nagykőrös revives

The refurbishment of the Cifra Garden will be supported by the Norway Grants. For the renovation of green scenery and built heritage, Nagykőrös receives 94.036.342 HUF non-repayable grant. Since in the region of Central Hungary the matter of insufficient development funding is a well-known issue, the nearly 100 million HUF financial aid merits particular significance for Nagykőrös. The financial support provides an opportunity to make a significant cultural and infrastructural improvement that matches with the activity of urban development.

In order to carry out the project with an amount of 225.966.124 HUF total cost and keep the original technical content, 131.929.782 HUF financial contribution is provided by the town. 






The „Green Heart” of Nagykőrös revives – Project launching event


The launching event of the project titled „Function improving rehabilitation of the Cifra Garden and the Swiss House”, supported by the Norway Grants, took place on the 28 th of September in the Swiss House which is currently waiting for refurbishment. After the welcome speech of Dr. Szabolcs Czira mayor, András Tényi chief architect held a presentation about the renovations. The Norway Grants supports the reconstruction of the Cifra Garden with a grant of 94.036.342 HUF. With the help of this amount, the refurbishment of green areas and built environment can be implemented.

The financial support provides an opportunity to make a significant cultural and infrastructural improvement that matches with the activity of urban development. In order to carry out the project with an amount of 227.583.107 HUF total cost, Nagykőrös provides 133.546.765 HUF financial contribution, while keeping the project’s technical content. The reconstruction works in the action area will begin within a few days and they will be completed next April. The representatives of the line ministry also attended in the event, furthermore they had a personal discussion with Dr. Szabolcs Czira mayor and Ildikó Vozárné Ragó, CEO of KÖVA-KOM Nonprofit Zrt. which company provides the publicity of the winning project, titled HU07- 0067-A2-2013.

Besides the refurbishment of the Swiss House, the project contains the reconstruction of the Music Pavilion and the outdoor stage as well. Furthermore a new playground will be implemented that will has other benefits besides covering the needs of children - outdoor fitness equipment will be established in the target area as well. The purpose of the project is to make Cifra Garden provide more opportunities to the citizens and tourists, as well as to be a worthy location for the major city events with its enthralling green scenery and appealing buildings.

The identity of the contractor was revealed on the 1st of September, after the closing of a public procurement procedure. The contract has been signed with Szilasi és Társa Kft. on the 12th of September. Horizont4 Kft. was responsible for the planning tasks. Csaba Tőrös architect attended on the event as well where he consulted with András Tény chief architect and the representative of the contractor. The technical supervisor of the project is Zoltán Paluska, while Uniós Projekt Fejlesztő Tanácsadó és Szolgáltató Kft. is responsible for the project management. The operator of the program is the State Secretariat for Cultural Heritage, while the implementing agency is the NFFKÜ Zrt. (International Development and Fund Coordination Agency).

For the latest information regarding to the investment, please visit: http://cifrakert.nagykoros.hu/

28 th of September, 2016.


I. Background


The Cifra Garden as a public area including the Swiss House and the Music Pavilion, both built around 1870, is under local protection. In 1866 the land register entry of the Széchenyi Spa Garden already stated the “Swiss building with a shingled roof”, a house with an Alpine style wooden framework and a porch on three sides, which was used as a venue of community life for local people. Built in the mid-19th century and named after István Széchenyi, the former bath house (title number: 5716/6) later came to be the eponym of the entire park.

            Nearly 10 years ago, the Nagykőrös City Local Government used tender funds to refurbish the busiest parts of the park.


II. Tasks


The Local Government is planning to build a ground floor hall for community activities and exhibitions together with the required service facilities, safeguarding the existing values in the Music Pavilion and using the building more in line with today’s technical standards.

The Local Government wants to preserve the area between Cifra Csárda on Ceglédi út and the Swiss House as a venue for city events (Kőrös Days, Children’s Day).


Refurbishment guidelines


The park must continue to satisfy the city’s (complex) community needs.

Accessibility must be provided.

 New plant species must be selected to match the existing vegetation and the natural, landscape and climate conditions of the area.

Street furniture (benches, waste receptacles, lamp posts, etc.) must be installed.


The building works must not affect any third party property.


III. Expected outcome


The refurbished Swiss House could host exhibitions and community activities for Churches and the traditionalist and youth organisations. The Club of Decorative Artists and the Club of Wood Carvers could find a home and run a permanent exhibition to make their work more popular with city folk. The House would also be available for the assemblies and meetings of various associations. Especially, we plan to create a club for young people to meet and engage in meaningful activities offered by the Community Centre.

The refurbished Music Pavilion and Stage could host performances by talents from the city and its region, and concerts by the students of the Music School. The stage could feature productions by the Folk Song Club and the Drama Group.

We plan to serve the needs of young people by building a playground and a sports ground and want to make the area a favourite spot for family excursions where all family members can find recreation and relaxation.

By refurbishing the area around the Swiss House, we plan to create a market place for holding the regular Cifra Fairs under better circumstances, organising folk fairs and presenting traditional folk trades on Sundays.

We plan to bring back the old splendour of the Cifra Garden by filling it with modern functions that are important and necessary for local people. We plan to enable everyone, including the disadvantaged and disabled, to visit the park and find full recreation. Admission will be free for all. We offer an opportunity to the Churches, by strengthening our traditional relationships with the Nagykőrös Calvinist Parish and by broadening our cooperation with the Nagykőrös Jewish Community, and to schools to hold Biology and Science classes in the open air. The park is expected to host creative and school camps in summer.



Nagykőrös is a green town in the middle of the country

Resume Nagykőrös is situated in the south-eastern corner of Pest County, in the middle of the Great Plain. The town with its 25.000 inhabitant got its name from the Kőris tree that had frequent occurrence in the area. Protected settlement pattern, together with significant and listed buildings of old times provide the town’s unique rural image. Besides the built ambience, the natural environment has great importance as well, since Nagykőrös has a big number of NATURA 2000 green areas. The town’s attraction zone is quite small, but it has a significant amount of property outside its boundaries and small enclosed garden plots as well. Investments are the main driver of the economic activities, as a long term safeguard of the city’s development, and it affects every participants of the local economy. Nagykőrös is a provincial administrative center, and has several central administrative, service providing, educational, health and cultural functions, which also serve the surrounding towns.


Currently the touristic appeal of Nagykőrös lies in its natural environment (Strázsadomb, Cifrakert, Csónakázó-lake, market place, Kőrős brook etc.) listed buildings and cultural artefacts of old times. Connecting these attractions to wellness services could bring about a breakthrough in this field of industry. The town has a very rich architectural heritage. Besides the countrywide protected buildings, there are more than five hundred locally protected buildings that create the civic atmosphere. The natural ecological corridors are favourable in the terms of the environmental quality and townscape. The towns main motto is: "the value attracts value", that is - the city's reading - if you are in the development of public spaces, monuments, and other kinds of sports facilities, boost tourism, construction and thus the local economy. Another aspect is that the development standards of existing infrastructure by increasing the traffic by optimizing the utility supply increases implemented by the partnership, sanitation, environmental awareness, sustainability, heritage, transport and energy awareness criteria of mind. This feature has been implemented expansion allowed the urban renewal project, which was inaugurated in 2012 and the strengthening of urban life and the integral incorporation of regional economic role of the city targeted. Nagykőrös city center thanks to the successful rehabilitation of the Hungarian Society of Urban Local 2014 John Hild honors, a title it proudly wearing our city.


The city, economic development functions available in raising the standard of living of the more dynamic private economy and strengthening social cohesion in the city. It is also our objective to improve the city's economic, ability to attract capital, infrastructure and tourist and recreational attraction. We are lucky, because we won so many application for developing our town, such as for improving alternative energy (District office of Nagykőrös in 2014), infrastructural development such as road building, sewage and drinking water investment about 2012, bicycle lane building between Kecskemét- Nagykőrös- Cegléd. We mentioned, that we carrying about our vulnerable environment and we have an excellent Pálfája Learning center, where you can familiarize with nature or visit the singular oak forest or Natura 2000 areas. We considers important, thewe have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental mangements although we are office. We won the following awards: Family Friendly office (2009), Senior-friendly office (2010), Cyclist Friendly Town (2011), Investment Friendly Town (2012), Golden Rose Award (2013), The Most Beautiful Main Street (2014) Nagykőrös’s main goal is to establish a viable town. Its base would be create with the develpoment of the natural and built heritage’s preservation and the expansion of the turism’s conditions. We hope that our city’s intrudoction was attractive for you and you can take a visit in Nagykőrös to see our green city with your own eyes. Our town welcomes our visitors with well-kept parks, spacious wooded areas, as well as the rehabilitated city centre dotted with a sea of beautiful flowers. We’d like to greet you in our famous town fair and show you the beauty of our natural and built environment, too. We’re committed to the preservation and development of the city’s values. We hope this commitment, together with the investments and efforts that we’re planning and we’ve accomplished until now will correspond to the guidelines and conditions that can provide Nagykőrös’s sustainable development.